Friday, June 25, 2010

it's so cold in the D

play this ish

We all know detroit is cold in the winter....
sooo cold

but tonight me and the crew will be reporting live from none other than the honorable JaY ElEctroNica's show here at St. Andrews Hall (IM HYPE)

This is were Eminem filmed 8 mile (the rap battle scene) and a popular venue for many punk, rock acts

any who other artist will be Detroits own SLUM VILLAGE RIP J DILLA and BAATIN

and I cant forget Guilty Simpson as well

and I know JaY electronica is gonna shut ish Downn i've seen concert footage and his energy and crowd control are over 9000

Jay Electronica Live @ Santos 11.3.09 from Adam Saewitz on Vimeo.

i hvnt been this hype since GLOW IN THE DARk letss go

Respect The Architect

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Roots featuring John Legend - 'Doin It Again'

Via the homie Dallas penn
this new album is Dylan Hot FIYAHH

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do your Research

So I was on the intuhnets and stumbled upon this fellow

Gilbert O Sullivan
he was a grammy award winning artist from Ireland and he's dope kinda reminds me of Hall & Oates but a solo version...anny who this guy has been sampled by the late great J DILLA and semi covered by the latest greatest JAY ELECTRONICA check it out and go do your research


Slum Vilage Players (prod by JDilla)

and this lead to this...

Alone again

Jå¥ ELE熮ønicå

Lord willing ill be seeing Sir Jay Electronica this sat night in detroit


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Time

And so It Starts SummeR 2010

LetS get It.....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Ds ma Fuc#@ D's…..Rosie Perez"

So im a huge fan of Don Cornelius and the soul train i'll do another drop on Don .C. and the Souuuulll Train  at a later date but I was watching some throwback interviews and what not and came across this

It's Rosie Perez she started as a soul train dancer in the 80's shes known also for acting in a few spike lee flicks

I bet she was sore after that number haha but all in all shes a dope actress just found it's crazy that she started as a Soul Train dancer anything is possible

be a Freakin Man Mookie
"Ds ma Fuc#@ D's…..Rosie Perez" © Kanye West Good Morning

Monday, May 24, 2010

June 10th 1989

21st Birfday WIshLisT

I remember sitting in jr high/ high school  day dreaming, and wondering what i'd be like when i'm 21….that time is finally coming and I've got some items that ive got my eye on….

10) Nike Rejuven8 Mule
these would be perfect after a work out or hooping to help cool my dogs off :)

9) Nike Rejuven8

I had a pair of nike shoxs but my feet grew and these ive had my eye on, and now that i've started running there a necessity.

8) Good wood Jesus Piece 

there all out of stock at the moment but trust I will have one by the end of the year

7)Boondocks season 1

I have season 2 just need numero uno 

6) House Shoes

every man needs a good pair of house shoes i love sneakers but im always lounging and these are a must

5) Gap v-necks

copped like 2 of these a year ago and lost one and the other got mad dingy time to re-up

4)Levi's Jeans 

My waist has grown and inch along with my legs so i need to get rid of these flood pants

3) External Hard Drive
i've become quite the movie music hoarder and im currently running on 15 gb of memory so i need to free up some space

2) Vinyls
Mmmmm smells like vinyls i started my collection back up since i lost my collection my pops gave me back in 07 so now is a perfect time to rebuild

1)Portable Vinyl player

I need a player for my vinyls and im always on the go so this Newmark player is clutch

I'll keep you all posted on how the birfday festivities go. I don't usually drink but i plan on getting poo poo faced just for the night 

Peace Peace

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The boonDoCks


Stinkmeaner-Nice and Slow by DapperDon

Been a fan of Aaron Mcgruder's the Boondocks since it started back in 2005 on Adult Swim this :( is the last season but the 1st two episodes have been classic and its looking like it will end with a bang be sure to check it everysunday 11:30 on Adult Swim NiGGahhH

Monday, May 17, 2010

The most honorable

Never Trust a Disguise

Jay electronica is like the black Indiana Jones who is the most beastly MC (im my book anyway)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lord Help Me

Lord Help Me by DapperDon

So Soulful donny HaThaWay is Dope RIP to the homie and if your not hip educate yourself

In a nutshell Donny was a pianist who attended Howard he started working for Curtis Mayfield becoming a houser producer and never finished school he realized three solo albums recorded with roberta flack and many other artists. Hathaway died in Jan of 1979 after battling depression for some time he is referenced and is HEAVILY sampled in the hip-hop community today 

Exhibit A
Donny Hathaway I believe to my soul
I Believe To My Soul by DapperDon

T.I. What you know about that

Monday, May 10, 2010


The Story of Life is this STATIC
spike lee's do the right thing is def one of my favorite movies and radio raheem is def one of my favorite characters if you havent checked it do yourself a favor and cop it. I came up on a 5 dvd box set from amazon last summer for like 20 WIN.

If I Love you I Love you… and if I Hate you……..© RadiO RaheeM

Monday, May 3, 2010

Dubia is dope

def just added this place to my before i die list who's gonna roll with me

Sunday, May 2, 2010


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Which on shall i Choose

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I love samples especially when I stumble upon them all by myself I just found this one this morning check check it


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reporting Live

From my Momma's SofA so im back in the Double O for Summer of 2010 (prob the most epic summer ever). I've got a lot planned, catching up with fam and friends, learning some Spanish and piano, Concerts, working and getting my cash flow up. let the games begin

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Office


LATEPASS on the office my roomate got me hip early Jan and since then i've watched every episode props to if your not hip get with it, Michael Scott and dunder mifflin bring some good laughs

exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

the office Zee BESTTT © Heday

3 aspects of self

For the most part i consider myself a healthy guy. For some that just means physically but i look at the health of a person from 3 aspects.
Spiritual- in tune with your inner spirit and GOD
Physical- In terms of a sound diet and an active lifestyle (cardio, weigh training yoga)
Mental- Healthy mind obtained through reading, problem solving etc…

Another great thing is the power of thought I read a book entitled as As a Man Thinketh this book is a MUST read basically it talks about thinking positively and watching those things manifest themselves.

a great quote was given to me from my mother as a child she said
"once you lose health you lose everything"
this is and will always be true. So get your self in-tune and holla at cha BOYEEEE

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rest In PowEr Nujabes

I 1st got hip to the honorable nujabes from the homie 1080P and became an instant fan of his work, his beats were smooth and very clean yet somewhat rugged and even nostalgic with some of the strings and jazzy pianos. The song above counting stars is my favorite song by him. I got word via 2dopeboyz that he passed away after a tragic car accident leaving a huge gap in japanese hip-hop culture and the hip hop community RIP NUJABES i hope you and DILLA link up in Heaven


Saturday, March 13, 2010

May The ForCe be With yOu…...

SpRinG BreAk 
has begun and i'm currently reporting live from my aunt's sofa. I've got no big plans most likely just kickin it with my homie F.R.E.S.H. aka Horatio, and catching up on few things for school..

but right now im watching Star Wars ep 4 I forgot how much i loved these movies as a youngster i remeber my father taking me to see episodes 4-6 in theaters when they were re realesed back in 1999. I remember him coming to my 3rd grade class for the bring your parents to school day, and bring me some taco bell with the star wars toys ahh man those were the days. I also notice alot more in the movies that I never noticed before like why didn't Princess Leia wear a bra and were did Luke get his fly jacket at the end of the movie that thing was dope 

Monday, March 8, 2010

GreatNess Personified

So NBA playoffs will be here b4 we know it, and you already know who im rooting for (Cleveland) I came across this video earlier it's dope.

Friday, February 12, 2010

KicK gaMe FilThy

So my kick game is on the come up been working mad hours and finally have some leftover change to re-up on some kicks my 1st big purchase were last week they were the.
 Lebron VII's 

all black I bought these for my recreation league here at school and i'm not disappointed. with most basketball shoes I have an issue with toe cushioning and comfort but with these after playing my feet aren't fatigued which is a huge plus. they're a bit heavy in the front but when ever i get stepped on i never felt it give em a 9/10

Now these i just purchased online this is my 1st pair of jordans in about 15 yrs i had the 9's growing up as a kid but grew out of them soon after getting them and i know these will not be my last.  

Sunday, February 7, 2010


today marks the 36th Birthday of the late great Dilla

Sunday, January 24, 2010


So everyone knows im a huge fan of the homie Dallaspenn and the internet celebrities.
this is HUGE for me to get on a blog that i read on the regular i never saw this coming so heres how it started.

a simple like on facebook

DP hit me back with a VILLIAN (MF DOOM reference for all those sleeping wake up)

He  hit me back with in minutes sayin...

and now im featured on one of my favorite blogs CHEA!!! INTUHNETS im MAKING POWER MOVES

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Step Down of the Pedestal

Step Down of the Pedastal (c) Eli Porter
so im a huge good music fan and when GLC posted this video a few years back i had to get a nerf hoop

but no rim would do i had to get something durable because i knew me and friends would wear it out quick lol so i found this on amazon

we went in heavy the 1st day and i even recorded and made a video which went on youtube

DunkFest 2010

I was instantly hooked to say the least me and my roommates went back to work with more dorm room dunking antics and even got shut down by one of the Ra's saying that "the kids on the floor below you are complaining about the noise" a few day later they came and confronted my roommate but i was in the shower he gave em some dap and apologized nd we haven't had any problem's since. I went back on the grizzo and edited this up on imovie in about a day between classes and work and posted it on youtube as well im pleased with this to say the least and be on the look out a :)  (MAKING POWERMOVES)

DUnKfest PartDU(nk)


Monday, January 18, 2010


once again Jay has laced us with some more treats for 2010 looking forward to more art from the one known as JAyTeslA

Monday, January 11, 2010

WaKe Up

stOp SleepIn on ThE real
this Man Jay Electronica has been in heavy rotation since 07 and he only gets better with time heres a mix no tracklist needed Nuff said VIctOrY

Monday, January 4, 2010


Im back at it again…..say goodbye to 2009 and hello 20-10
1st of i know im late but happy new year its 2010 or Oh-10 as i like to call it being from ohio may GOD bless you in this year as he does me everyday big things are going down in 2010 i can feel it…but 09 is HisTory so dont let your past hoold you back and do everything you can to make this your year so with out further a do i present one of the GOAT duo's in hip-hop Mighty MosDef and Talib Kweli's History