Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reporting Live

From my Momma's SofA so im back in the Double O for Summer of 2010 (prob the most epic summer ever). I've got a lot planned, catching up with fam and friends, learning some Spanish and piano, Concerts, working and getting my cash flow up. let the games begin

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Office


LATEPASS on the office my roomate got me hip early Jan and since then i've watched every episode props to Theofficefree.com if your not hip get with it, Michael Scott and dunder mifflin bring some good laughs

exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

the office Zee BESTTT © Heday

3 aspects of self

For the most part i consider myself a healthy guy. For some that just means physically but i look at the health of a person from 3 aspects.
Spiritual- in tune with your inner spirit and GOD
Physical- In terms of a sound diet and an active lifestyle (cardio, weigh training yoga)
Mental- Healthy mind obtained through reading, problem solving etc…

Another great thing is the power of thought I read a book entitled as As a Man Thinketh this book is a MUST read basically it talks about thinking positively and watching those things manifest themselves.

a great quote was given to me from my mother as a child she said
"once you lose health you lose everything"
this is and will always be true. So get your self in-tune and holla at cha BOYEEEE