Saturday, January 23, 2010

Step Down of the Pedestal

Step Down of the Pedastal (c) Eli Porter
so im a huge good music fan and when GLC posted this video a few years back i had to get a nerf hoop

but no rim would do i had to get something durable because i knew me and friends would wear it out quick lol so i found this on amazon

we went in heavy the 1st day and i even recorded and made a video which went on youtube

DunkFest 2010

I was instantly hooked to say the least me and my roommates went back to work with more dorm room dunking antics and even got shut down by one of the Ra's saying that "the kids on the floor below you are complaining about the noise" a few day later they came and confronted my roommate but i was in the shower he gave em some dap and apologized nd we haven't had any problem's since. I went back on the grizzo and edited this up on imovie in about a day between classes and work and posted it on youtube as well im pleased with this to say the least and be on the look out a :)  (MAKING POWERMOVES)

DUnKfest PartDU(nk)


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