Saturday, March 13, 2010

May The ForCe be With yOu…...

SpRinG BreAk 
has begun and i'm currently reporting live from my aunt's sofa. I've got no big plans most likely just kickin it with my homie F.R.E.S.H. aka Horatio, and catching up on few things for school..

but right now im watching Star Wars ep 4 I forgot how much i loved these movies as a youngster i remeber my father taking me to see episodes 4-6 in theaters when they were re realesed back in 1999. I remember him coming to my 3rd grade class for the bring your parents to school day, and bring me some taco bell with the star wars toys ahh man those were the days. I also notice alot more in the movies that I never noticed before like why didn't Princess Leia wear a bra and were did Luke get his fly jacket at the end of the movie that thing was dope 

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