Monday, May 24, 2010

June 10th 1989

21st Birfday WIshLisT

I remember sitting in jr high/ high school  day dreaming, and wondering what i'd be like when i'm 21….that time is finally coming and I've got some items that ive got my eye on….

10) Nike Rejuven8 Mule
these would be perfect after a work out or hooping to help cool my dogs off :)

9) Nike Rejuven8

I had a pair of nike shoxs but my feet grew and these ive had my eye on, and now that i've started running there a necessity.

8) Good wood Jesus Piece 

there all out of stock at the moment but trust I will have one by the end of the year

7)Boondocks season 1

I have season 2 just need numero uno 

6) House Shoes

every man needs a good pair of house shoes i love sneakers but im always lounging and these are a must

5) Gap v-necks

copped like 2 of these a year ago and lost one and the other got mad dingy time to re-up

4)Levi's Jeans 

My waist has grown and inch along with my legs so i need to get rid of these flood pants

3) External Hard Drive
i've become quite the movie music hoarder and im currently running on 15 gb of memory so i need to free up some space

2) Vinyls
Mmmmm smells like vinyls i started my collection back up since i lost my collection my pops gave me back in 07 so now is a perfect time to rebuild

1)Portable Vinyl player

I need a player for my vinyls and im always on the go so this Newmark player is clutch

I'll keep you all posted on how the birfday festivities go. I don't usually drink but i plan on getting poo poo faced just for the night 

Peace Peace

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